Columbia Neurosurgery

Designed at Night Owls


The Department of Neurological Surgery of Columbia University approached Night Owls to create a website that allowed for a personalized experience for every visitor, despite the varying demographics. The challenge was to organize the vast depth of information in Columbia University’s database and structure it in a consumable manner.

UX/UI Design

I designed the site with five key personas in mind and identified the goals and browsing style of each group. Medical professionals were approached with direct, informational pages, nested under specific categories that would be accessible on all pages. Patients were given a color coded journey, which would guide them through the site and notify them when approaching different steps through the process. This approach was tested in comparison to a more traditional site design through A/B testing and showed a 30 percent increase in appointment conversions.

Responsive Design

The responsive designs were catered to fit the browsing style for their respective devices. Mobile viewers would have a fixed, in-app style navigation bar with easy access to call, request an appointment and nearest location services.