Vlaams Vredesinstituut

Client as Freelancer


Vlaams Vredesinstituut was a project I designed for Weichie Projects. This client wanted a flexible timeline for their activities in 2018 that would be visually pleasing, but also come off professional. The main goal was to inform users on their societal goals through the use of an interactive timeline that quizzes users and provides researches, videos, images and events that further educate users based on their responses.

UX/UI Design

Being a research oriented timeline, I designed an illustration-heavy page that would prevent users from being intimidated by the extensive information. The friendly visuals acted as an effort to make the content more appealing and consumable. Some of the dates on the timeline would have multiple streams of content that could get lost if stacked. In order to avoid this, I designed a structure that would group related videos, images and quotes and create a clear delineation by flipping the placement every other date.